Fishing for GIANT Bass In SMALL Ponds (LOADED)

In this bass fishing video we go to small ponds and search for giant bass! This small bass fishing pond was loaded with giant bass! Bass fishing small ponds can be a blast if you hit the right pond with the giant bass. Let me know if you like these bass fishing pond videos / […]

Thefisher Online Bass Fishing France 2019 1440p

Thefisher Online Bass Fishing France 2019 1440p Subscribe For more upcoming video … source

First Time – Ice Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

My first time targeting smallmouth bass through the ice! Big thanks to Tom for teaching me the ropes and Mav for the filming help. Check these guys out! source

River Jet Boat Bass Fishing

River bass fishing is one of my favorite ways to fish. Bass are usually shallow around cover and frog fishing and fishing a jig are primary techniques. In this winter … source

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