Making your own fishing lure and then taking it out and catching a fishing on it is about as rewarding as you can get when it comes to creating something your … source

1st Bass Tournament EVER! Do We Have Enough To WIN IT!? | Ladybass

Opener weekend and Seb and I go out to fish my first tournament ever! Do we have enough to win!? Don’t forget to subscribe and like if you liked the video! source

New Lure Catches Multiple Snook & Bass

Follow along on todays adventure, as i test out a new to me lure. It ends up catching multiple freshwater snooks & bass. It is now the only lure that i use. Thanks … source

How to Catch Smallmouth Bass in the Winter! (Can we catch a 5lber??)

In this episode Devin and I fish for winter smallmouth in fast moving current. I break down what to look for in this situation and put the new Berkley Frittside … source

KVD's Winter Bass Fishing Secrets : VanDam's Crankbait Tips

The GOAT, Kevin Vandam, aka KVD is talking about power fishing in cold water and how a fish uses their lateral line. Bass use this part of their body to hunt and … source

Big Swimbait Tips For Spring Bass Fishing!

Swimbait fishing is a technique that has exploded onto the bass fishing scene in recent years because they catch BIG BASS. Swimbaits are super versatile and … source

Smallmouth Bass Fishing with a WEEDLESS Ned Rig (River Fishing)

I did some smallmouth bass fishing on the river with the ned rig in todays YouTube viDEBO! My buddy Brando was gracious enough to invite me out on his boat … source

Best Lures For Saltwater Fishing

Looking for some new lures to throw? Todays video is all about making sure your tackle box is up to date. Heres a list of links to the Lures I recommend. source

BEST Winter Cold Front BASS FISHING Lures & Baits

Mike Iaconelli is fishing in the winter for Bass University. To make it worse, there’s a cold front and high pressure. How does Ike approach a day of fishing when faced with these weather conditions? What are the best baits and lures that Iaconelli uses to fish all the depth zones when fishing for bass […]

Green Pumpkin VS Black and Blue (Bass Fishing)

Can’t decide between Green Pumpkin or Black and Blue? Hopefully this will help! Black/Blue Prespawn: … source

Catching Deep Schooling Bass – Offshore Fishing Tips

Some of my best offshore fishing lures and how to catch more fish fast! Crankbait: Rapala DT16 … source

How To Fish Toads For Bass (The Best Ways) | Bass Fishing

Everything about fishing toads for big bass. Complete details covering equipment, rigging, and techniques for frog fishing. Tips you won’t find anywhere else! source

Hunting Down GIANT Florida Bass

First lake and first day bass fishing in Florida. SAVE 30% ON YOUR TACKLE HERE – Follow Alex Peric Here – THE … source

Best Late Fall Early Winter Baits

This video shows some of the best bait to use during the fall to winter transition. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! source

National Fishing – Best Fishing video – How to Catch a lot of Fishes Under dry ground By Two Mans

Dear all my beloved subscribers and visitors! my today video is about how the two fisher mans show how they find fishes in dry season under deep mud hole!, … source

Bass Habitat Use Part 2

These videos explain the Striped Bass research conducted by the Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, UMass-Amherst (Dr. Martha Mather and Kristen Ferry) and supported by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. How are striped bass using the Plum Island estuary habitats? Are there hot spots where they like to hang out? Learn about the Radio […]

How To Catch Big Roach – Roach Fishing Rigs, Tips & Tactics

Find more info on all the products featured in the video here… The spring months can be an excellent time to get out on banks and target a few big Roach,… source

Catch More Bass with These 4 Jerkbait Modifications

While stock jerkbaits catch bass right out of the box, there are times when simple modifications add up to more bites. Pro bass angler Randy Blaukat shares his … source

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