Fishing tips from field and stream

Fishing tips from field and stream Source by lkdavis77

Maine Bass Fishing | Frogging Shallow Water For Big Largemouth Bass | Pushaw Lake

Took the pontoon boat to Pushaw Lake to target shallow flats for big largemouth. Covered good looking water with shallow grass and pads. Some awesome … source

Fishing For GIANT Bass In DEEP Water w/ Chris Bulaw (Mega Smallmouth)

Smallmouth bass fishing in the fall/early winter can be some of the most epic fishing you’ll ever experience. Smallmouth school up and gorge on baitfish before … source

It's a great lure-Whopper Plopper 75

I test the Whopper Plopper75 with great results! It’s casts great. It makes a super sound and the bass really like it! rated:4.82 viewed:252534 source

Shirt Projects Vol. 9 on Behance

Shirt Projects Vol. 9 on Behance Source by thaibinh168

My top 5 summer bass baits!


World's Best Bass Bait

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith use the skirted jig to consistently bring in giant bass from Ice out in spring to Ice up in the North country. source

What to Look for to Catch BASS! Largemouth Bass Fishing at Dixon Lake.

Subscribe: Email: Instagram: #Opaleye #BassFishing #DixonLake rated:4.62 viewed:132 source

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