$16.99 Easy Fish Hook Remover Tool + Free Shipping

With the ‘Fish Hook Remover’, you are now able to keep undersized fishes alive. Doing so is equally important for our environment. Release them back within the shortest time so that we can contribute to lowering the death rate of fishes. With this special and standardized tool, it is dam easy to unhook the fishes. […]

Largemouth Bass Fishing, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Utah- Early May

Outside temp in mid 90’s, water temp hit almost 73F today while I was fishing for the Largemouth. I would presume the spawn is occurring, I spotted quite a few … source

Catching Fish DEEP That We Saw On The Graph || Winter Bass Fishing

https://gokarls.com/sbfishing #shopkarls #karlsbaitandtackle #catchco #catchcompany Description coming soon – recording the first podcast session of The Bite! source

Big Bass Fishing Catch of the day!

Big Bass Fishing Catch of the day! Source by normancharette

Buying Discontinued Baits CHEAP – Guido Bug & Bass Magic Shakey Tail Worm

I recently heard about the Bass Magic Shakey Tail Worm, which was once an FLW winning bait and an underground killer that has been tough to find for a … source


Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Come with me as I do some finesse smallmouth and largemouth fishing with the Megabass Okashira Screw … source

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