Fly Fish Food — Fly Tying and Fly Fishing : The Quill Gordon

Fly Fish Food — Fly Tying and Fly Fishing : The Quill Gordon Source by normanmarkwell

How Magnum Plastic Worms Actually Look Underwater! Underwater Footage And Rigging Tricks!

Come underwater to watch how 5 different BIG plastic worms react on the bottom! Summer Bass Fishing is prime time to fish the big plastic worm. Today we’re … source


The first installment of OZARKS ON THE FLY takes you to the small, secluded streams of southwest Missouri which are abundant with Neosho-strain smallmouth … source


PORPORTIONS Source by quail5850

2019 Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing!

Folk’s today we do some Pre Spawn Bass Fishing 2019! I Fish with a Zoom Plastic Lizard and Zoom Trick Worm, and we catch some VERY NICE BASS!!! I also … source

Fall Smallmouth Movements Explained (Where Do They Go?)

I wanted to share my insight as predominantly a smallmouth fisherman to help understanding movements of fall smallmouth bass. This can be one of the most … source

Managing Wildlife Habitat

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission works to conserve and enhance the state’s fish and wildlife population. Subscribed fire, selective timber harvest, streambank restoration, and planting wildlife-friendly food sets the table for everything from white-tails to largemouth bass. rated:5.00 viewed:71 source

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