FAT Bass CHOKES Bluegill SWIMBAIT While Bank Fishing (HUGE BASS)

In this bass fishing video we throw a bluegill swimbait to try to catch a huge bass! We picked our best bank fishing areas to try to find some huge bass with that swimbait. When bass fishing with a swimbait it can be hard to get bites but we ran into a few while bank […]

Teaching My Pet Bass To JUMP!! [HD] (Bass Fishing w/ Dyna)

What exactly does it take to train a Bass to jump? Not much, just a little patience a big fat juicy nightcrawler! Dyna, our pet largemouth bass here at the Lip … source

Summer River Fishing Tips | Mississippi River Bass Fishing

Summer on river systems should mean one thing for bass anglers: Find the baitfish. River bass need to feed regularly to replenish the energy they spend fighting … source

Fly & Hook Proportions

Fly & Hook Proportions Source by amanandhisrod

Bass baits for Rice Lake- New season peek

Here are some choices for baits, rods, lines and hook choices when fishing for largemouth bass in heavy weeds on Rice Lake in Northumberland Country … source

Hook Fishing Video | Little Boy Fishing With Hook | Traditional Fishing Video.

Hi Friends, This is a beautiful video of Bill Fishing the Little Boys, hopefully you will have fun. Thanks for watching. Please don’t forget to subscribe our channel. source

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