Best Bass Fishing Lures For The Fall Transition Period

Constantly changing weather conditions and the lake turnover contribute to sporadic fishing in the fall transition, but you can score consistently during this time with the right bait selection. Bass are starting to move towards the backs of creeks and key in on baitfish. So moving baits that imitate shad and other schooling baitfish are […]

Improve Your Casting With These Fly Fishing Tips |

Improve Your Casting With These Fly Fishing Tips | Source by derekatopham

Catching Australian Bass on hardbody lures | We Flick Lure Fishing Videos

Lure fishing for big Australian Bass in the wild rivers of New South Wales with Chris Villani from We Flick Fishing. Watch and learn tips and techniques for … source

The EASIEST Way To Catch BASS In The FALL (Bass Fishing With Spinnerbaits)

Hey Junkies, In this two part series, I show you how to fish with the wind and not only conquer it, but also catch a lot of fish. I use the Advantage Spinnerbait to my … source

How Weather Affects Bass Fishing | David Lenhardt

How Weather Affects Bass Fishing | David Lenhardt Source by davidlenhardt


September brings on a ton of changes! Not just with bass fishing, but in everyday life. School’s in session and schedules have changed for many of us. source

How To Catch Fish Before the Fall Transition w/ LakeForkGuy!

Lake Fork Guy heads on the lake in Texas to do some early fall / late summer bass fishing. This time period for fishing could be called the pre-fall transition … source

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