Catching ENORMOUS Bass w/ BIG Jigs & BIG Worms (Bank Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we use big jigs and big worms while bank fishing for enormous bass! Fishing big jigs and big worms is so much fun because of a … source

Types of Swimbaits – What you need to know (Surprise Catch)

I explain the several types of swimbaits in this fishing tip video. This will teach you about Jointed Swimbaits, Glide Baits, Paddle Tail Swimbaits, Line Through and Weedless Swimbaits. I am also caught off guard by this surprise fish. Please give us a follow and check out the FLW Youtube Page for more fishing tips […]

101 Bass Fishing Tips – by John Neporadny (Paperback)

101 Bass Fishing Tips – by John Neporadny (Paperback) Source by target

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope: Bass chasing bait & my lure

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope sonar catches a school of baitfish swimming under pro bass fisherman Tom Redington’s boat. Several bass follow the bait, then the … source

FISHING EDITION | How to Catch Smallmouth Bass in Rivers

One of Oregon’s best kept secrets. Our smallmouth bass population is fantastic, and year-round fishing for smallies in rivers can be amazing. In this video we are … source

Video – How To Fish Tube Baits | Bass Fishing

Video – How To Fish Tube Baits | Bass Fishing Source by lcmauck

Bass Fishing for Beginners: Choosing a FROG ROD (Froggin and Flippin Stick – 2018)

This video will help you choose the correct rod for frog fishing based on length, power/action, and where you fish! Frog fishing can be frustrating for beginner … source

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