10 Lures I Always Have in My Tackle Box!

In this video I list the top 10 fishing lures at always try to have in my tackle box! Check out my swim baits: rated:4.92 viewed:19096 source

Fly-fishing expert Tom Rosenbauer offers a detailed breakdown of the different t…

Fly-fishing expert Tom Rosenbauer offers a detailed breakdown of the different types of trout rises and how you should fish each accordingly. – Fly Fisherman Source by fyredino

My best / top 5 fishing lures for perch / bass & other predators. Мои 5 лучших приманок на окуня

Perch fishing with Realis Flatside – Perch fishing with Zipper … source

Village boys catching big dangerous fish.Best hand fishing video. Fishing in mud.

Big_fish #Amazing_fishing #Fishing Village boys catching big fish by traditional system. let’s enjoy the amazing hand fishing video…. Rajib explore is a natural … source

ONE IN A MILLION Catch While Bass Fishing (Largemouth & Smallmouth Party)

We all have some amazing moments on the water while fishing every now and then, but on very rare occasions, you have a “DID THAT JUST HAPPEN” moment. That moment happened to me while bass fishing for some beautiful largemouth and smallmouth on an incredibly scenic mountain reservoir in Western Maryland. I was killing it […]

Sunfish …

Sunfish More Source by ox666xocom

Spring Time Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend on Castin' Cajun

If you enjoy the video give us a LIKE, a Share, and Subscribe to our channel! We would love to have you on board! And remember keep on casting! On this … source

LOSER gets TATTOO (ULTIMATE Fishing Challenge)

In this bass fishing video we do a 1v1 ultimate fishing challenge and the loser gets a tattoo! Me and my dad both have never had a tattoo before so this should be … source

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