How To Wacky Rig & F How To Wacky Rig & Flyline A Senko (Bass Fishing Tips)

How To Wacky Rig & F How To Wacky Rig & Flyline A Senko (Bass Fishing Tips) Source by LisaStreetDreamss

Top 5 Baits For Spring Bass (2017) [HD]

With spring coming at us fast I thought it would be a good time to do a “spring baits” video. These are my top 5 baits to throw in the spring time from early to late … source

Muddy Water Bass Fishing Tips: Best Bait Colors & Techniques

Think big, flashy and noisy when selecting lures to catch bass in muddy, dirty, or stained water. A bass’ sight is hindered in muddy water so the fish has to rely on … source

Shimano Tranx 300 Reel | Bass Fishing Gear Review

Shimano just released the Tranx 300 and 400 as new additions to their casting reel line up for bass and saltwater applications. If you’ve been looking for a super strong reel to throw swimbaits, big baits, A-rigs, Crankbaits, and even go inshore fishing, this might just be the reel for you. See the gear here… […]

How to Fish Tubes for Big Bass – Ike Summer Fishing Tips

Watch this entire summer bass fishing instructional video for FREE! Limited time 30-day full preview at Learn about snapping a tube bait and generating reaction strikes from Mike Iaconelli, or watch one of our other 270+ bass fishing videos. You’ll learn how to catch more and bigger bass the fastest way possible, directly from […]

How To Use GPS and Sonar To Find Fish

How To Use GPS and Sonar To Find Fish Source by talonchantry

Bass Fishing on Randleman Lake, How to Bass Fish, Catching Bass,"Tackle Bites S1 E13"

On this weeks “Thursday Night Tackle Bites” we will be talking about a Bass fishing show we filmed were Pro Staff member Victor Bradley Lynch and myself took … source

Winter Tennessee River Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Winter time fishing on the Tennessee River for Smallmouth Bass. source

World record largemouth bass release smallest bass ever caught on a hook

rated:3.75 viewed:225 source

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