How to choose a fishing rod, Tips and Guide #kayak #fishing #canoe #boat #surf #…

How to choose a fishing rod, Tips and Guide #kayak #fishing #canoe #boat #surf #trav Source by gbadamositoyin


They’re only going on this one very specific lure, and you sure don’t have one. Watch as the Dirty Blonde Crazy Spinner revolutionizes the musky fishing game. source

Mepps Trout Pocket Pac – #1 Black Fury Dressed

The dressed Mepps Black Fury Trout Pocket Pac features 3 hand-tied #1 (1/8 oz.) natural squirrel tail dressed Black Fury spinners. Dressed spinners provide a larger profile to attract larger fish. The dots on the blades of the Black Fury provide contrast under a wide variety of fishing conditions. The bright lathe-turned bead adds to […]

Fishing on the Susquehanna River for Smallmouth Bass! Cold Water Smallmouth Fishing in the Snow!

Subscribe to Joe Raymond’s Instagram here Check out my previous trip on the … source

Summer Worm Fishing – Tricks To Catch Bigger Bass

Summer has arrived and its time to throw the plastic worm! So many anglers overlook the dog days of Summer but you can catch more bass in one day in the … source

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