Downeast is Maine's most popular destination for Smallmouth Bass Fishing.

Downeast is Maine's most popular destination for Smallmouth Bass Fishing. Source by jackcrossroadch

Cheap Frog vs. Expensive Frog — Fishing Challenge

I bought the cheapest and most expensive frog in the tackle store. Which frog is the best for budget bass fishing? FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: … source


Please leave your comment if you liked or have any suggestions. Give a like to help the channel. Do you have fishing videos? you would like to share Send it to … source

Best Frog Lure for Bass Fishing | How to Fish Frog

What is the best frog lure for Bass fishing? I’m not sure if there is an absolute BEST frog. I guess it would be whichever frog lure works best that day, on that specific lake, and that you have the most confidence in. There are many variations of frog lures… hollow body frogs, solid/soft plastic […]


HOOKED ON BASS FISHING Source by lovinbassfishin

Lake Chickamauga Bass Fishing in April with my Girlfriend

Dont forget to Comment, rate, and Subscribe!! Lake Chickamauga was ranked the #2 Bass lake in the United States. That’s what drove me to move from Auburn, … source

Bass Fishing Bridges

Folk’s today we target suspended bass under a bridge! I share Bass Fishing Tips and my setup! I hope you enjoy the video! Richard Gene The Fishing Machine … source

Floating Islands Create Big Bass Habitat

Healthy fish need a healthy environment to thrive. A lack of oxygen, nitrate loading and pollutants are all are naturally occurring conditions that add to the decline of fisheries around the country – around the world. While many worry about these facts others just ignore it and then there are some that are fighting to […]

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