How to wake up bass – FLW Fishing News

How to wake up bass – FLW Fishing News Source by bassinonbowen

Using 2lb line and MICRO lures to catch BASS

Catching bass with micro lures is something I love to do. Today I set out on a pressured lake to target some spotted bass during a busy weekend making fishing … source

Spinning tips for Smallmouth Bass

Today Antonio and I are out on the waters of Lake Erie. We’re casting the Stingeye Spinners cranking for smallmouth bass. It’s a perfect morning, bright, a little bit … source

Fishing for World Record Largemouth Bass in Paradise, but skunked.

hit the dam for about a hour or so. tried the dropshot and a swimbait. didnt mind skunking when its cool looking like this. this was 1/24/17. rated:5.00 viewed:47 source

DROPSHOT Guide – The Most Effective Rig in Bass Fishing – YouTube

DROPSHOT Guide – The Most Effective Rig in Bass Fishing – YouTube Source by sjlawr16

Best BASS fishing Spot EVER! Major League Fishing BPT in Raleigh, NC

Follow along with during Stage 3. Starting on Wednesday we have an off day, Thursday is second day of competition for me, the elimination round. Followed by … source

Top 5 Baits for GIANT Smallmouth Bass | Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips 2019

In this video, we will show you our top 5 baits to catch giant smallmouth bass. The baits we use have been proven very effective catching Wisconsin smallmouth. source

The BEST Topwater Lure?

How to fish all of the topwater plopper baits. Whopper Plopper: Sprinker: Toad Runner: Frog Kit: Terminator: Lunkerhunt: Grinch: Coming Soon Subscribe to our channel. Follow us on social media: Shop for your fishing products at rated:4.94 viewed:39258 source

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