Visit us for discounts on your gear!

Visit us for discounts on your gear! Source by skokomishtourism

Bass Fishing and Underwater Video – Lake Murray, San Diego, CA

A fun underwater video taken at Lake Murray in San Diego with dozens of curious bass, several bluegill and some turtles. Plus, a few decent sized bass being … source

Quick Catch And Release Largemouth Bass

On The Way To Work I Stopped At One Of My Honey Holes And Caught And Released A Largemouth Bass In 5mins!!! Drop Shot With That Margarita Worm … source

How I Catch My Biggest Bass of the Year – Big Bass From The Bank!

This is how I catch my biggest bass of the Year, and I did it from the bank! Want to catch big bass from the bank? I hope this video can inspire you to try a few casts in tricky spots, like under trees. I pitched a soft plastic craw under a tree a few […]

Really Super Easy Way To Tie The FG Knot Fast – YouTube

Really Super Easy Way To Tie The FG Knot Fast – YouTube Source by duanegermann

Lake El Salto Largemouth & Lake Berryessa Bass Fishing

First, experience a day on world renowned Lake El Salto with Todd Storm as he searches for El Salto’s trophy bass with Spro crank baits. Then, catch some great … source

Catching ENORMOUS Bass on BIG JIGS (Bank Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go fishing and catch enormous bass on big jigs while bank fishing! Bass fishing with big jigs is a great way to stumble upon a giant … source

Best Fishing Lures For Smallmouth Bass

5 Minute Fish Talk Episode 71 Smallmouth bass are my favorite fish to target personally. When I first started fishing for them, however, I was a bit confused about how to catch them. While similar to a largemouth bass, they are definitely different in their feeding tendencies. For that reason, the baits I choose to […]

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