Book: River Smallmouth Fishing | Smallmouth Angler

Book: River Smallmouth Fishing | Smallmouth Angler Source by keeganbevans

Largemouth Bass Fishing Florida Ponds

T-Shirts ☛ Take Someone Fishing Facebook Group ☛ … source

Where Do Bass Go After They Spawn? (And How To Catch Them)

Its really easy once someone explains it! Post Spawn bass don’t just disappear, they follow a very consistent pattern as they transition to Summer haunts. source


Had a great day on Lake Erie catching largemouth, found fish holding on lily pad and grass edges, PB & J jig and rage tail plastics were baits of choice rated:4.75 viewed:552 source

Fishing lures with spinners.

Fishing lures with spinners. Source by rasczack

Catch more BASS with these LURES **MY TOP SUMMER BAITS**

This is a collab of 2018 summer bass fishing that I caught but never posted them on here. Lures that I used in this video: 1. Tackle HD Craws 2. Berkley Finesse … source

Fishing for DOUBLE DIGIT Bass w/ BIG Swimbaits Ep.2

In this bass fishing video we go fishing with big swimbaits to catch double digit bass! This is part 2 of the fishing with big swimbaits for giant bass series. source

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