Bass fishing over a GATE

First time doing a float trip. First time catching bass over a gate. Check out Dan’s Video for another perspective on the day: … source

Tips for Fluke Fishing Bass on Grass Flats

Few bass baits provide the sheer versatility and fish-catching ability of a soft jerkbait. Fluke-style plastics like the ZOOM Super Fluke make the top of the list; … source

GIANT Swimbaits Catch BIG Bass!!

Fishing with big swimbaits was about as foreign as it gets to me, big ups to grant for showing me how it’s done! It’s such a cool experience to see this big baits in person and to get a big ole bass to munch one, definitely going to be messing around with these baits more […]

How To Find Fish | The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide LLC #BassFishingTips

How To Find Fish | The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide LLC #BassFishingTips Source by fishing_sophia

COPS Called While Bass Fishing on Highway Ponds!!

Bass fishing these highway ponds was quite interesting the cops showed up and the bite was on! Suprisingly those little tiny retention ponds we see everyday … source

WALMART Topwater ONLY Bank Fishing Challenge (HUGE BASS)

In this bass fishing video we do a Walmart topwater only bank bass fishing challenge for huge bass! Topwater bass fishing is just so exciting! We added Walmart … source

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