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#fishing #fishingparadise #fishingschool #fishingvideo #fishingtrophy Source by yeoysteees

Angry Beaver Attacks my lure while Bass Fishing – Potomac River FLW Tour Practice Day

Catching Big Bass, Snakeheads and a BEAVER! I have never had that happen! This is the last stop for the 2017 FLW Tour Season…

Chatterbait Fishing Tips: Find The Perfect Trailer To Catch More Bass (ft. Brian Latimer)

The chatterbait has been hammering fish since the first day it stormed onto the scene from Z-Man. There’s no debating it flat out catches…


JUST A QUICK LOOK AT MY 60 GALLON SETUP FOR MY PET BASS rated:2.50 viewed:496 source

Learn how to fix these common fly fishing casting mistakes and improve your resu…

Learn how to fix these common fly fishing casting mistakes and improve your results! #FlyFishing Source by juliancodding

Bass Fishing in the Summer – Only 3 Hours to Fish

  Hot Summer days can be difficult for bass fishing. Here's how I figure the fish out quickly and catch a few before it…

Bass Fishing In Wales

  Bass Fishing In Wales To Learn the Secrets of the Pros! Click Here!  

Insane Topwater Blowup Compilation – Everglades Bass Fishing

Fishing in the everglades is a one of a kind deal! So many fish packed in a pretty untouched system leads to many crazy…

BIG BASS Chokes on Fish! Sneaking in Golf Course for Big Bass

I can’t believe the size of the bass that was choking on the fish! Epic private golf course video with a bunch of largemouth…

IGFA Interview – World Record Largemouth Bass

A one-on-one with IGFA’s Jason Schratwieser to discuss the world record tying largemouth bass. For more news and videos visit rated:4.50 viewed:14096 source

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