Bass Fishing Tips: How to Make Your Own Umbrella Rig Outdoor Life #fishingrodh…

Bass Fishing Tips: How to Make Your Own Umbrella Rig Outdoor Life #fishingrodholder Source by fishinghub

Bass Fishing by $10 MILLION Mansions!! (KICKED OUT)

NEW SLAUNCH SACK In this video we fish for GIANT bass in front of multi-million dollar mansions! Subscribe if you want to see more … source

17 pound largemouth bass release

Here’s a release clip of a 17.40 (17lbs 7oz at time of capture) pound largemouth from our feature film – Big Bass Dreams – The Movement! View the whole video here… #BigBassDreams rated:4.87 viewed:39393 source

Shore Fishing – Bubble Float Fishing for Sea Bass with Shrimp

The most common ways to target Bass is either lure fishing or fishing with bait on the bottom however, float fishing can be a very productive way to target them. It is also relaxing, exciting, and fun. Live shrimp/prawn is a great bait to use and in this video, I collect the shrimp using a […]

Bass Fishing : How to Connect the Leader to Braid Fishing Line

In order to attach a leader to braided fishing line for drop shooting, it's important to pay attention to the diameter of the braid and leader. Find out how to ensure that the knots will pull together when connecting a leader to braided fishing line with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free […]

Cast Your CRANKBAIT INTO THE TREES! Squarebill Bass Fishing Secrets

Cast Your CRANKBAIT INTO THE TREES! Squarebill Bass Fishing Secrets Source by gonefishing101

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

In-depth look at the Fall bass migration with strategy and techniques discussed. These fall bass fishing tips will put you where the bass and shad are during these colder months. To view more fishing videos like this, visit

Preventing Line Twists on Spinning Reels When Bass Fishing – Are you making these huge spinning reel mistakes? Uncover the secrets to reducing and eliminating line twists when fishing with spinning reels. While spinning reels are notorious for tangles, twists and loops, you'll learn the techniques and tips for preventing such fishing line mishaps with simple but effective tactics.

Topwater Bass Fishing Blowups Series 13 – Mayhem

Watch this video of complete mayhem as the bass blow up lures at the waters surface. Our lures of choice, the Whopper Plopper, Pompadour Jr. and Double … source

Bass Fishing in Sardegna

– Viaggio autunnale in due famosi bacini Sardi, Coghinas e Liscia, all'insegna del Bass Fishing e del divertimento. (Disponibili sottotitoli in Inglese) – Autumn trip in two famous Sardinian's lakes, Coghinas and Liscia, in pursuit of fun and bass fishing. (English subtitles available). Iscriviti al Canale: Facebook: Instagram:

Bass Fishing Swimbait Underspin Tips

Mike McFarland gives some great tips for catching bass on swimbaits with underspins! Thanks for watching! Fish Lyfe App iPhone app store version- … source

MUDDY WATER SECRETS! || Bass Fishing Tips & Lures For Muddy/Stained Water!

muuuudhole!! Give the Video a Thumbs Up if you enjoyed! Become a BassBully today and SUBSCRIBE for more Bass Fishing videos and Bass Fishing Tips! Below are links to all my social media sites, companies, and the equipment and gear that I use for my videos. Catch’em BIG! – Cody ————————————————————————————————————- -Check out BassBullies Links. […]

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