6 Ways to Choose Lures for Bass Fishing – wikiHow

6 Ways to Choose Lures for Bass Fishing – wikiHow Source by boatwright0108


Drop some challenge ideas down below! We want to see how creative YOU guys can be! *YOUTUBERS* LuckyBassThumb: … source

Jerkbait Tips That You NEED To Know!

FLW Tour Pro Cory Johnston explains the best tips and techniques when fishing with a jerkbait. These tips will help you catch more fish that is for sure! Follow … source

#7 Rapala Fishing Knot for Bass fishing | How to tie a lure to a fishing line

Fishing knot: How to tie a lure to a fishing line. Rapala fishing knot, step by step, quick and easy tutorial how to tie lure for Bass fishing. Very strong knot and very simple … You can tie swivel, you can tie hook, you can tie sinker… with this knot. If you want to learn […]

Tying the Triple Surgeons Knot

Tying the Triple Surgeons Knot Source by dglscrews

Bass Fishing: How to use a Flipping Jig with Scott Martin

Knowing that flipping jigs is a year round activity. Scott Martin shows us how to catch big largemouth bass with flipping jigs. Learn about: -What makes a good flipping jig -What type of fishing rod you need when flipping jigs -How to work a flipping jig -How to rig a flipping jig -What type/size of […]

The Ultimate Dink Bass Fishing Challenge!!

Over the years, I always get the same question…Do you ever catch small fish? Well this video answers that as we attempt to catch 20 small bass in an hour on … source

How To Install L.E.D. Navigation Lights in Bass Boat Rub Rail

A brief walk through of how to install l.e.d. lights in the rub rail of a bass boat. Note these do not meet Coast Guard Regulations for navigation lights. When you change or alter your navigation lights make sure you check if they meet regulations. This modification does not meet MD regulations for navigation lights. […]

4 lb Largemouth bass jumps 3 feet, full catch video at Lake Sahara

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Largemouth Bass Fishing, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Utah

After getting skunked on Sand Hollow in January and February I return in March, at the tail end of winter in south western Utah, determined to catch a bass. I try lots of different lures and methods and it pays off. Fishing is still slow since the water temp remains below 60F but it will […]

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