{Father's Day Gift Idea} How to Make Fishing Lures ~ Creative Green Living

{Father's Day Gift Idea} How to Make Fishing Lures ~ Creative Green Living Source by tesoro2011

Wacky Rigs for the Spawn and Post Spawn

Let’s talk about the wacky rig for spawn and post spawn bass. Oh and Give away a Mystery Tackle Box! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe! source

Where Do Bass Go After They Spawn? (And How To Catch Them)

Post Spawn is the MOST DIFFICULT time of the year to consistently locate bass but not with these tips! Tim explains the bass’ movement back to deep water as … source

Bass Fishing for Beginners: How to Spool YOUR Baitcaster (2018)

The "Bass Fishing for Beginners" series continues with a look at: How to Spool a Baitcasting Reel. I'll discuss some of the DO'S and DON'TS that I've learned along the way for: tying a knot to the spool, understanding how much line to add, and how to tie a connection knot with backing. I know […]

Bank Fishing for Bass at a New Lake (Spring Fishing)

I decided to do some bank fishing for bass at a new lake. Spring is a great time to check out a new body of water. I met up with Randizzzle and we managed to find some fish. **The Lures I Used** Z-Man Chatterbait Custom (Bhite Delight) 1/4 Oz Shakey Head GrandeBass Airtail Rattler (black […]

Bass Fishing: How to catch big bass using Hollow Body Frogs with Scott Martin

We all know big bass love frogs. So, FLW Pro Bass Fisherman ,Scott Martin gives us fishing tips and techniques on everything having to do with a hollow body frog. Learn about… -The 2 types of hollow body frogs -How to pick which style of hollow body frog to use -How to fish a hollow […]

Bass Fishing: How to Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits with Scott Martin

Crankbaits are known for catching large bass and in this video FLW Pro Angler Scott Martin gives us tips and advice on how to fish a deep diving crankbait in the summer and winter time. Scott Martin also talks about 1) What to look for in a deep diving crankbait. 2) How to set up […]

www.scottmartinch… – How to fish the two types of swimming jigs properly. In t…

www.scottmartinch… – How to fish the two types of swimming jigs properly. In this exclusive bass fishing tip Scott will explain the importan… Source by kerrydkeeling

GoPro: Bass Fishing with Brent Ehrler

Brent Ehrler tells us the story about the one that got away – then hooks the Big One, an 8 pound bass in Lake Perris, California. Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com. Music The Story Changes "The Charm of Denial" http://www.nohandsstudios.com/tsc/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXRhnBU8UK0

The Struggles of Pre Spawn Bass Fishing

Bass fishing in the early spring or late winter can be some of the most challenging days for catching numbers of fish. During these few weeks, the largemouth … source

Season 9 – Bass Fishing on Busy Lakes

Do you still watch fishing shows filmed on private lakes or ponds?…why? On this Season 9 episode of Extreme Angler TV, Karl is fishing on a very busy, public waterway that hosts many regional and club tournaments each year with an assortment of Strike King perfect plastics and has to slow down and pick apart […]

Dropshot Fishing For Bass – Beginner To Advanced Tricks!

From Beginner to Advanced, we’re covering EVERYTHING you need to know about dropshot fishing. Whether its the first time you’re learning how to rig a … source

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