The greatest bass fishing rigs #bassfishingrigs

bass fishing rigs #bassfishingrigs”> The greatest bass fishing rigs #bassfishingrigs Source by SvetaBogdanova305

Bass Fishing With Live Bait – Lake Guntersville

Today we fish Guntersville after a cold front. I caught a couple of fish in a strange way. I hope you enjoyed the video please leave a like if you did. Subscribe for … source

Catch 5x MORE Fish Using A Jig (Bass Fishing Tips)

In this bass fishing tips video I show you how to catch more fish using a jig. Bass fishing with a jig can be amazing this time of year but its important to know how … source

the BEST winter dirty water BASS LURE ?? Crankbait Fishing for Largemouth Bass

A huge storm blew through making the water extremely dirty, dirtier than I’ve ever seen it so I wasn’t sure if we would catch any fish. But fortunately this one lure saved my day as we caught different species and a few BIG largemouth. instagram . rated:5.00 viewed:359 source

How to choose crankbait color for spring bass fishing #BassFishingTips

bass fishing #BassFishingTips”> How to choose crankbait color for spring bass fishing #BassFishingTips Source by fishing_sophia

Largemouth Bass Fishing at Mantua Reservoir

We are joined by George Sommer from Fish Tech Outfitters to fish for largemouth bass at Manuta Reservoir in northern Utah. We show you tricks, techniques … source

8in SWIMBAIT gets DESTROYED by ENORMOUS Bass (Bed Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we use huge swimbaits to catch enormous bed fishing bass! Bass fishing swimbaits can be tricky but this huge swimbait was no match … source

Костури ПРИШЪЛЦИ / ALIEN BASS / Риболов на американски бас и щуки LARGEMOUTH BASS

В търсене на чуждоземните костури! Oпитахме се да търсим и от нашия вид костури на едно от местата, но ни налетяха бебе щуки! Най-успешната примамка за излета беше ► Не забравяйте да се абонирате ►► FACEBOOK: TwitchFishing ►► Риболов за начинаещи ► Риболов на щука ► UNBOXING/ Ревю на продукти ► Риболов на пъстърва ► […]

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