How to Catch Flounder | Salt Water Sportsman

How to Catch Flounder | Salt Water Sportsman Source by jimleofl

Oklahoma here we COME!

Headed to the 4th Tour Stop and make a few pit stops along the way. John Cox, Andrew Upshaw, Brian Latimer and Tom Redington are all part of the crew this … source

Catching MASSIVE Bass w/ Topwater FROGS (Bed Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we catch giant bass on topwater frogs while bed fishing. Topwater frog fishing and bed fishing is by far my favorite type of bass fishing. We tricked some giant bass to crush that topwater frog while bass fishing today! Let me know if you guys like these bass fishing videos […]

Power Fishing Tubes (Stroking) for Big Smallmouth Bass

There are a variety crayfish imitation baits out there but it’s hard to beat a tube rigged on a heavy jig head. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson demonstrates how to fish … source

My Favorite Summer Bass Fishing Baits and Lures

These are my favorite baits to take bass fishing in the summer. Summer fishing can be very tough so I picked out the lures that I use the most during the hot days. ******************************************************************** Get all Flukemaster branded apparel and all the equipment that I use at – Help the families of our fallen heros […]

How to pick the righ How to pick the right color plastic worm when bass fishing…

How to pick the righ How to pick the right color plastic worm when bass fishing – Exclusive fishing tip with Scott Martin Source by joymatthews0064

Top 5 Spring Bass Fishing Baits

Here’s my TOP 5 lures for spring time bass fishing! Forgive all of the unnecessary editing, transitions, effects, etc… I’m still learning how to do a lot in my editing … source

How to Pattern Fish for Bass | This Video Will Change How You Fish

Have you ever wondered how professional fisherman seem to always figure out the fish, no matter what lake they’re on? The key to their success is their ability … source

Mike Otto, Bob Lusk Bass Lake Habitat

Mike Otto and Bob Lusk show how to change standing timber into fish magnets of habitat, structure and cover for largemouth bass and their forage fish, especially bluegills and redear sunfish. Lake construction and design are what these guys do. Otto’s Dirt Service builds them. rated:5.00 viewed:1107 source

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