Topwater Bass Fishing Tips – How to Catch Bass on Topwater Poppers, Zara Spooks,…

Topwater Bass Fishing Tips – How to Catch Bass on Topwater Poppers, Zara Spooks, Buzzbaits, Frogs – YouTube Source by evanstrey012

Soft-Plastic Swim Baits: How To Rig Them For Big Summer Bass

If you’re not fishing versatile swim baits it’s time to start. Whether Texas rigged or used as a trailer on a wide variety of jigheads and skirted jigs, today’s … source

How To Start Fishing Any Lake for Beginners- Tips and Techniques

Here are a few tips / setups for lake fishing for beginners. I hope this helps you get started! If it’s a new lake or a lake you don’t know, make sure to stop by the … source

Prespawn Largemouth Bass Fishing Tournament in the Spring

Prespawn largemouth bass fishing tournament with FLW angler Teddy Bradley and Andy Buss on Winona Lake in Warsaw, Indiana coincided with a nasty spring cold front. Strong north winds and heavy rain pelted us, but we were still able to catch 3 limits of largemouth bass. Watch to see how we handle the conditions and […]

How to Choose Bass Fishing Line « Wired2Fish

How to Choose Bass Fishing Line « Wired2Fish Source by ertodd01


Graeme grabs his light fishing rods and races off to a south coast pier where the Bass are blasting into shoals of whitebait…It’s a case of finding a gap in the anglers and trying to find… source

3 Must-Know Tube Rigging Tips to Catch More Bass

Pro bass angler Bill Lowen reaches for a 4-inch flipping tube over a lot of other plastics when bass are in shallow cover. He feels tubes have fallen out of favor … source

Spring Bass Fishing From the Bank with a Texas Rig Craw (Realistic)

When Bass Fishing from the bank this spring, maybe try a Texas Rig craw. On this episode of Realistic Fishing I change up my craw lure a few times before I finally find a couple of bass. I start with a pit boss style, then I downsize, and end up catching ’em on a flapping […]

How to Tie a Perfection Loop Fishing Knot

How to Tie a Perfection Loop Fishing Knot Source by jskin615

Bass Fishing Montage MG Lures

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching! Please check out MG Lures and all the great baits there! They are hand poured with care and have tons of different colors! Instagram: soli_bassin… source

How to Ice Fish Bass With Crankbaits

Bass are attracted to the profile, sound and vibration emitted by lipless crankbaits when ice fishing. Our underwater camera captured a huge school of bass and … source


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how to bass fishing palomar knot

how to bass fishing palomar knot Source by silvialachance

Fall Bass Fishing Tricks You Didn't Even Know To Try!

Catch more fish with these 4 tricks you’ve probably never thought to try! They’re going to change the way you fish this Fall so be sure to take notes! Front Runner. source

This "PRIVATE" Marina is LOADED w/ Bass (River Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing at a “private” marina that is loaded with bass! River fishing is one of my favorite ways to catch bass. We stumbled up … source

You Want To Catch BIG Bass? THROW THIS! (Bass Fishing Tips)

If you want to catch big bass… Then you NEED to throw this bait. In this bass fishing tips video I go over a chatterbait. How to fish a chatterbait, how to rig a chatterbait, and how to get more bites on a chatterbait to catch big bass. This is by far one of my […]

Choosing the right swimbait head to match the soft swimbait body for bass fishin…

Choosing the right swimbait head to match the soft swimbait body for bass fishing confuses many anglers. This should help. Source by rbannert45

Bass Fishing With Live Bluegill!

First time I’ve ever tried this, super fun and effective! I’ll update you guys on what I’ve been up to in the next video, had a great tournament this past Saturday! source

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