Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing with a Square Bill Crankbait (SURPRISE LAST CATCH!!!)

Pre-spawn bass fishing is in full swing here in my area of Maryland and a red square bill crankbait fired 'em up!!! March was a crazy weather month for us here in the Mid-Atlantic with a late... source

How to Fish Spinnerbaits – Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks

Learn how to make spinnerbaits, then use them to catch bass in this fishing tips & tricks video. You can learn more at source

Bass Fishing Great Lakes – How to Fish Big Water – Vandam

The Great Lakes are an awesome place to fish for bass. Fishing can be good for both smallmouth and largemouth. Bassmaster Elite angler Jonathon VanDam JVD, talks about best practices for safely boating & fishing the Great Lakes (or other big water). Want to know how to locate bass on Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and [...]

Top 10 Summertime Bass Fishing Lures

These are my top 10 summertime lures, I found that these work best for the pounds that I fish here in southeast Missouri. So if you like this tip video like and ... source

World's LARGEST Rat Lure Catches GIANT Bass (Lake Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go lake fishing for giant bass with huge rats! This is the first time i've ever been fishing with a rat. We caught some giant bass while ... source

Fishing with Johnny Johnson – Time To Head For The High-Country Got him!Oh that's a good fish! He's given itto me now!That is a good fish,whatever that is. Oh. . Look at the sizeof that bass, folks! Little jig bass!Come on, come on, come on. Boy, you can always tellwhat time of year it is uphere. Look at that fish,it's pregnant. Caught it on thatPersuader- [...]

Kayak Bass Fishing – Pflugerville Lake Texas

Just a little bit of fun on the kayak today catching and losing a few bass fishes. Video recorded with a Sony AS-100V action cam mounted to the bill of my hat with ... source

Searching for GIANT Bass in Backwater Creeks (River Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go searching for giant bass while river fishing backwater creeks! I'm so excited to drop another river fishing video. Do you like the ... source

Fishing from Shore on Cape Cod for Striped Bass with Sebile Magic Swimmers In this video we're gonna talk abouttargeting big Striped Bassfrom shore on Cape Codusing the Sebile Magic Swimmerduring the spring. So, if you're new to My Fishing Cape Cod,hello and welcome, myname is Ryan Collins,and let's hop right into this video. So, with the Sebiles, anydifferent color will work,and any different size will also [...]

Tips for Your Pond Habitat

"Fishin' with the Pond Boss: Tips for Your Pond Habitat" Bob Lusk describes the different parts of a pond. rated:4.93 viewed:33208 source

Stephen Sharer – Share the Love (Official Music Video) - Oh yes, today is going tobe an awesome, awesome day. Oh hey Carter, what's going on?- Hey, what's up?- Hey babyOtter, how are you today?Carter, are you readyto get this day started?- Oh yeah, yeah. We have something superepic, meet me outside. - Okay, I'm gonna go this way. Let's go, I'm so [...]

Peacock Bass Fishing in Florida

Instead of laying on the beach I decided to try to catch some Florida butterfly peacock bass and ended up catching a new PB! Enjoy 🙂 my rod - source

This SMALL Creek is LOADED w/ Bass! (River Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing in a small creek thats loaded with bass! We're back with the river fishing videos! Have you ever been river fishing? source

Is Catch and Release BAD for Fishing? (No More World Record Bass…)

Is catch and release bad for fishing? I've always been fascinated by GIANT bass (15 pounds and up), however I find it very ironic that my PB is only just shy of 8 pounds. I always found myself looking at old videos of Dottie the Bass, among other record-shattering fish. After a while I wondered: [...]

Big Large Mouth Bass! First time fishing!

Avrielle's Adventures! source

Bassmaster LIVE at Grand Lake 2018 – Sunday

Bassmaster Elite Series visited Grand Lake on April 26-29, 2018. source

Fishing Season OPENER in Manitoba! Justin tell the camera what's going on?That's a hog, is that a pee-pee you think it is for sure so good. YesRight, here we haveMy 2019 2020 Manitoba fishing license today's an exciting dayIt is opening day in Manitoba for the southern regionit's something I kind of look forward to there's a month of [...]

How To Rig and Tie A Dropshot The Right Way | Bass Fishing Hey, folks. Glenn May here with BassResource. com. Today I want to talk to you about the dropshot rig. Just a little bit about riggingit. I rig it a little bit different than whatsome people do, but typically what you do,I'm sure you've been watching videos and you'velearned a lot about drop shot by [...]

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