How to Catch Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass in Extreme Wind

This is how two guys celebrate a 40th birthday! Despite incredibly strong winds, 20-25 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts over 50 miles per hour, we ... source

Catching GIANT Fish on HUGE Livebait (River Fishing)

In this livebait fishing video we catch giant fish on huge livebait while river fishing! This is the first time we've gone livebait fishing on the river, so this should be interesting! If you guys enjoy this livebait fishing video on the river, let me know and we will film more! Do you like livebait [...]


The leaves are turning, the weather is cooling - and your fishing techniques are going to need to shift as well! Fish are preparing for winter, so you should too ... source

Tips for Drop Shotting Smallmouth Bass in Grass

A drop shot and smallmouth bass go hand in hand; however, many anglers overlook targeting smallmouth in grass where crawfish and minnows abound. source

TOP 4 Best Baits for GIANT Fall Smallmouth | Fishing Tips-Piscifun

Captain Ben Royce and Jason Brenic catch some GIANT Smallmouth and teach you exactly what baits you need for this time of year. These fishing tips will help ... source


The Intermediate Guide to Bass Fishing is an in-depth instructional series of videos designed for novice anglers looking to improve their skills and expand their ... source


I hope you all found the video helpful! Make sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe for more content! Instagram: @azarcheryhunter rated:4.60 viewed:2898 source

6 Proven Winter Bass Baits for Most Situations

Winter bass fishing is a fun time of year because the fish can be found at all depths and often suspend — this means you can catch them on an array of tactics ... source

A Favorite Technique for Summer Fall Transition Bass Fishing

Here is a quick video on my favorite Technique for Summer to Fall Transition Bass Fishing and that is fishing a Toad. In this video I go over my total approach from rod, reel, line, hook, how I fish them, set the hook and fight the fish. Thank you for watching! Please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT [...]

INSANE Underwater Footage Of Bass Eating Worms and Finesse Baits!

Come underwater and watch these bass destroy our baits! They're inhaling dropshot worms, smashing ned rigs, and choking down tubes. If you've ever wanted ... source

Creek Fishing Under an INTERSTATE (LOADS of Fish!!!)

Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: --Use Code “LOJO ” for 10% off your order Today we're creek fishing under an interstate w/ ... source

Searching for GIANT Bass w/ BIG Worms! (Pond Fishing)

In this bass fishing video I search for giant bass with big worms while pond fishing. Fishing with big worms while pond fishing has to be one of my favorite ways to go bass fishing. Have you ever went fishing with big worms? Do you like bass fishing with big worms? What is the biggest [...]

Kayak Bass Fishing New Lakes | BIG BASS Slugfest

Kayaks have allowed the Wired2Fish staff to bass fish sneaky new water and come across some of the finest bass fishing. McKeon "Keys" Roberts and Kyle ... source

SUMMER Texas BASS Fishing Is TOUGH — (Ft. Grant Langmore)

Win a trip to Camp Claw & a 2020 Polaris RZR — Grant's YouTube Channel ... source

Largemouth Bass Slay Fest At A Private Pond

Pat and I went to a friend’s house to help with some management of his private ponds. There are 2 ponds at his house and one of them has had a very successful spawn so we needed to move some of the little fry into the bigger pond on the property. Happy to help him [...]

JON BOAT TOURNAMENTS ARE BACK!! Summer Jon Boat Bass Fishing Tournament (TOUGH DAY)

Finally, after an almost 5 month hiatus the jon boat tournaments are back for the remainder of the season. We have 5 events left and the fall classic, hopefully we ... source

World record Largemouth bass *not clickbait*

It’s a prank please chill but amosc jc_jr12 rated:5.00 viewed:66 source

Catching Bass With HOT Dogs??

They were some hot dogs. *** Follow Me! ▻Facebook: ▻Instagram: source

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