Why You Need a Spinning Rod for Bass Fishing

Spinning gear has long been overshadowed by heavier casting gear, especially so with southern bass anglers. True enough that baits too big for conventional spinning outfits catch bigger fish in a lot of scenarios, but the advent and adoption of finesse techniques has become a huge factor in tournament and recreational fishing success alike. Florida …

Drop Shot Bass Fishing on Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Afield TV meets up with Brad Weakley to see if we can catch some fish using the drop shot fishing method on Kentucky Lake. Hit “Subscribe” for more videos from Kentucky Afield! Follow @KentuckyAfield on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! source

Best Bass Fishing Lure In The World ?!? — (funny)

Sorry bout missing last weeks video even on the every other week schedule… 🙁 But anyways let’s not let that happen again!! So still every other week tho.. Hope you enjoy this little vid it was pretty fun making it. Let me know if you like these kind of vids or if you have and …

Land Based Flathead Tips

Some great on-line tools exist these days for researching new fishing spots. Put these together with good old on-the-water observation, you start to turn a plan into reality. John and Shannon prove this during their fantastic land based flathead session in an east coast estuary system. Lots of practical tips in this story for anyone …

Never Seen This While Bass Fishing Recycled Fishing Lure Challenge!

Balloon Fishing Challenge – 4K Creek Fishing with New TechnPost Storm Patapsco River Fishingology Darcie Inshore Saltwater Fishing the Barra Bounty … source

How to Drop Shot – Lake Lanier Bass Fishing

How to fish a drop shot is one of the best techniques to learn because you can pretty much always catch fish on it! No matter if you are; deep, shallow, fishing … source

Looking Shallow for Early Fall Bass Fishing

We review some options for fishing bass as they move out of their deep summer haunts to shallower fall feeding areas. This will be a multipart series of videos geared towards helping anglers follow the fish as they transition. Let us know if you like the more serious or more fun with it videos. Featured …

Niro Baits Ft Rebekah Rose – BASS

Niro Baits – BASS Ft Rebekah Rose Prod Niro Baits BASS Video – Written, Directed and Filmed – Niro Baits Song And Video Recored @ &Flux Studio Prague Bass from Niro Baits Ft Rebekah Rose produced by Niro was produced on MrBaits iPad, based on the idea of standing up for your self and being …

Ultimate Florida Peacock Bass Fishing on the Fly

Drove west towards weston today to put my new fly rod to use. In two hours of fishing and lake hopping, I managed to catch 5 fish. My target wasnt catching many fish but just to catch a few on my fly rod. I cut out all the BS and took you straight to the …


just lure in bass pond , in china Guangdong Shunde city . this is my first lure vedio with gopro 3 silver , have fun ~ source

Topwater Bass Fishing! || So Many Blow-Ups!

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Top 3 Northern Pike Baits for Summer Fishing 2017

Hello Fellow Fishbustin Team! In this segment I talk about pike lures that will catch Pike! Don’t get to crazy when it comes to Pike, they are predators and they eat! 1) Spinnerbait 2) Jerkbait 3) Swimbait Bonus 1) Whopper Plopper Bonus 2) Scatter Rap “May your hook sets be MASSIVE and your fish be …

Fishing Tips – How to skip lures under docks, trees, and structure

How to skip lures under docks, trees, and other structure. Fishing around structure can result in some big fish. Having a technique to get under or next to the structure without losing your lure is important. Capt. Chris Myers shows his technique for skipping lures under and up to structure. source

Drunk Livingston Lures Unboxing. Bass Fishing Lures From Livingston Lures

Once again A.J. shows us some amazing new tackle from an awesome company, This time its Livingston Lures! Of course it wouldn’t be a “Drunk Tackle Review” with some liquor so A.J. also shows you how to make a “Cinnamon Roll” with Cream soda and FireBall! Also a special guest appearance. So sit back and …


On this day I catch this “MONSTER STRIPER” on the Beach using a LIGHT TACKLE ROD while SURF FISHING / BEACH FISHING,,,,This was just another one of my awesome fishing adventures,,,,More to come so SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!,,,,,,,,The fishing rod that I was using is a Champion Series DOBYNS 765 SF and the lure that I was …

Nueces River White Bass Fishing

MAC DADDY Fishing ventures out to Nueces and pulls in 4 man limits! source

fly fishing fail!! and top 5 fall bass baits

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Flippin Reeds with Jacob Wheeler

Flippin Reeds- Tips & Techniques with FLW Pro Jacob Wheeler You ever wonder what runs through the mind of a touring professional fisherman. What techniques they would use in certain situations. In this episode, FLW Pro Jacob Wheeler talks about how he approaches flipping reeds when fishing along reel lines. Learn from the best. Learn …