How to Become a Pro Bass Fisherman

USA Bassin Tourney,at Pomme de Terre, Randy Yancey, 5th Place (with 2 dead penalties)!

USA BASSIN Divisional Finals on Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri 14 Keepers Caught! USA Bassin Tourney,at Pomme de Terre, Randy Yancey, 5th Place (with 2 dead penalties)! Take off was at 6 am and it was raining pretty steady. We pulled to a pocket just out of the cove where we took off from, and …

Accuracy Shooting Resources

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Camping Guide – The Family Camping Store

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Get Paid to Hunt

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Camp Comfort

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My First Deer Hunting Adventure

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Fishing Gloves – The Best Types of Gloves For Fishing in Cold Weather

Do you ever fish during cold weather? Fishing during cold weather can be very productive, but at the same time extremely uncomfortable. This is the main reason why many anglers simply don’t go fishing when the weather is cold. I mean, who wants to be uncomfortable? I know for me the first thing to get …

Lake Erie Fishing Report How To Buy A Boat – Lake Erie Fishing Report

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Secrets of the Chesapeake Bay Revealed

[ad_1] The Upper Chesapeake Bay has been receiving a lot of notoriety over the last few years due to the improved catch rates and overall weight increases reported in the tournaments. While the true river rats have known of this bass fishing hotbed for some time now, the recent success is attracting clubs from all …

4 Secret Ways to Catch Crabs

[ad_1] Do you know what is the best way to catch crabs? Crabbing is a fun and the best thing about it is that you can eat the crab after you catch it. Crabs are mysterious creatures that tend to eat rotten flesh and other food. Here are several ways you can catch crabs easily: …

5 Great Bass Fishing Tips

[ad_1] 1. Keep Your Engine Looking New You should see the stares I get when I pull out of the water. Oh no, it’s not the engine or the boat that people stare at, it’s me wiping down the engine. By doing this to your engine with a dry cloth while it’s still wet you …

Fishing For Carp With Proven Techniques Tips and Tricks Catch More Big Carp

[ad_1] Like many once you start fishing for carp you will surely find a pleasurable and fulfilling pastime and this explains why carp fishing is growing bigger and widespread around the developing world. Our Fishing for carp website is designed to help all levels of anglers, be it from a beginner level to a highly …

Bass Fishing Tips

[ad_1] 3 Lures You Must Have Do you know what the top 3 lures for catching Bass are? Though there aren’t any specific statistics, a survey was conducted amongst the pro bass fishermen and it was found that plastic worms won by a large margin. Second and third place were the spinnerbait and then the …

Best Live Bass Bait Period!

[ad_1] The best live bass bait period is an insect that many of you may have never heard of or seen before, yet chances are they are native to the rivers and streams you have been fishing for years. These little critters catch more bass than any other live bait out there, period! The bait …

Small Fishing Boats – 3 Small Fishing Boats That Are Great For Fishing

[ad_1] Have you ever considered a small fishing boat, rather than a high priced traditional boat for fishing? If not, it’s probably about time that you did. Small fishing boats, such as canoes, kayaks, and even pontoon boats are great for many types of fishing. In this article I will outline 3 types of small …